Everyone knows that entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy.  This is a  group of visionaries - a group that sees beyond a dirt field or an empty building; they see possibilities.  They see a place where families build memories, a business owner reaches their goals, or a community is served.

As you work to serve others, don’t neglect
your own dream.

For many small business owners, bookkeeping can be overwhelming and a burden.

Why not hand it all off to a qualified bookkeeper? We would love to handle all those financial details and allow you to get back to running your business!

  • Does your desk have stacks of financial paperwork and you haven’t reconciled your accounts in months?
  • Have you missed filing deadlines or are you receiving late penalties because accounts are not being paid on time?
  • Do you understand where your money is going or what you are owed? If this describes you, it doesn’t need to.

Who says nothing in life is free?

Budgeting just got a little easier!  Use these free spreadsheets to track your personal and business expenses.  

They will do the adding and averaging for you - then you can begin to create your new budget. 

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As a virtual bookkeeping service that specializes in small businesses, we are dedicated to helping you succeed. We want to make your bookkeeping consistent and cohesive so you are able to make more informed financial decisions. In order to do that, we focus on a few areas.


We setup and maintain your business with Quickbooks Online. Each week we update all your bank & credit card accounts. At the end of the month, we reconcile those accounts and provide you with accurate reports that will provide a true picture of how your business is doing. We can also Catch-up/Clean-up if your books are in arrears.


Paying bills is also an activity that consumes valuable time. We will set up bill payments for you and manage those payments with your approval. Say goodbye to late penalties and tracking due dates!


Keeping track of who owes you money can be tedious. Allow us to send out those invoices for you and keep track of received payments - ensuring that you’re not missing out on money owed to you.


I’m Nikki

I am an ICB member and Quickbooks certified with a passion for helping small to medium sized businesses.  

Like you, I hold tight to the entrepreneurial spirit.  I understand all the hats you have to wear to get a small business up and running.  I also know what a relief it is to hand over a task to another qualified, small business owner. 

So, if you are overwhelmed by bookkeeping tasks and the dream of your own small business is floundering, drop me an email. My team and I would love the opportunity to help you achieve your dreams.


"Nikki has been very helpful in keeping our finances organized and up-to-date. She is trustworthy and competent. I have total confidence with her managing our books. I would highly recommend her services."

Josh Wilkerson
Deacon, Church of the Good Shepherd

"Bringing Nikki in to do my books has taken such a weight off me.  Knowing that she is managing my books has given me the peace of mind to be able to go and take care of other aspects of my business."

Joel Presley
Owner, Presley Realty


Ready to get started?  Just use the form below to contact me and I will respond promptly!